A Death And A Promise​/​Strength N' Honor split

by A Death And A Promise

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released April 1, 2008

Filled With Hate Records



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A Death And A Promise St Louis, Missouri

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Track Name: Gotta Get Out
There's been days when I've said 'Fuck Life'/Walked down the alley with my hate & a knife/Got to find a way to make it through, else I'll wind up goin down the tubes/Got to get out, Stay positive/Got to get out, find a way to live/Or I'm goin down
Track Name: 7 Ways To Die
Another week & my check's in hand, I'm hangin out with a couple of friends/Drinkin beers it ain't long till the dice come out/I know I shouldn't but my blood's aboil with the promise of spoils, so I lay down my bet/We split the dice and roll, I'm first with a 4, I seen worse so I don't sweat a drop/Next point's a 3, and things are lookin good for me/When a snake-eyed 4 lands and stares me down/This is the law of the dice, and I know I must comply/So I lay down my cash and I start to sweat/It's too late, there ain't no turnin back, I didn't count on the push/I ain't dead yet, I just might pull this out/The dice are mine, so I take 'em & roll, I point the 6, split the 4's, so close and yet so far/7ways are left to die, 7ways and the stakes are high/I cross my fingers, bite my lip, the nail in my coffin's a 4-5-6
Track Name: Can't Get Me Down
Everywhere I look wannabes and 2-bit crooks are comin to me with their sob stories, can't hack it on their own/I aint' got time for that shit cuz I'm tryin to live my own/Life, it's about takin chances/Strife, man you know I can hack it/And when the dust clears, it's said and done, you know I'll still be here/ So don't come to me with your woes and scams/Just tell it like it is and don't try to pull the wool over my eyes, man/ I know myself and where I stand/Fuck that, I don't have the time/ I know myself, need nothin else, your shit can't bring me down/Got what I need, and it's in me, your shit can't bring me down
Track Name: The Card
Fuck the world and the history that set us odds from a time before birth/This is you and me, so let's set things straight/We were cool for years till now, but you forget so easily/You're colorblind and you can't see past the black & white/A matter of respect, it doesn't go to skin, you thought that I'd back down/Your time has come and I'm callin your bluff, you use the same brush to paint everything/I don't make idle threats and I don't waste my time with the likes of you
Track Name: Over & Out
Another day, another dollar in my pocket but when I reach in there's nothin but change left/So where did it go and why did I sweat for what's left, to me it just doesn't add up/Fight wars for black gold, but that's not what we're told, and nothin I need is even made here today/So they take from our pockets and pad all their coffers, and what am I left with but this/I'm fuckin done/I'm gettin over any way that I can, lettin nothin to stand in my way/I'm takin life in my own 2 hands and I'm finally gonna have my say/They're gonna mess me around until the day that I die/Take what you can, but you can't get what's really mine/I'm gonna say this only one more time, I'm gonna say this so you understand/What's mine is mine
Track Name: Good Nite
Drivin down the street today I could still make out our tags/I thought about the days gone by and couldn' t help but shed a tear/It don't seem right, I still pick up the phone and half expect to hear your voice on the other end/If I screamed loud enough, could you hear me where you are/after all the times we cheated death I never thought she'd catch up to us/But now the chips are down & the dice are out/Nothin left for me to do but sit back and watch them fall/Good Nite, Lights Out, These are the days that I wanna remember/It's been real, It's been fun, you might be gone but I'll always remember
Track Name: Prophets For Hire
Ignorance and sin, you know it's hand in hand/And in a hopeless world, you know there's money in hope/Need does strange things to a person, it sets 'em searchin, left wide open/To the wolves that hid in sheeps clothin/You'll get what's comin back to you/Eat Shit, Die Slow/what goes around comes around and you'll get yours/Eat Shit, Die Slow/Profits sellin empty hope, you'll get what's yours