Down N' Dirty

by A Death And A Promise

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released September 1, 2006



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A Death And A Promise St Louis, Missouri

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Track Name: When Push Comes To Shove
Standin on the edge, lookin down/This is it, there's no way out/I turned my cheek too many fuckin times, there's only so much I can take/And you & me met on the wrong day/Didn't want to come to this, the poison runnin through my veins won't let me think straight, I can't walk away/I'm tryin not to lose my head, you're pushin me I'm on the edge, I might go down but I'm takin you there with me/Fools dig their own grave, I know that well, you don't need no help from me/So better days I would just walk away, but I left my judgement home tonight/So here we stand, takin life in our hands, it might be wrong or right/You gave me cause, that's all I need, I'm gonna take out my frustration on your face.
Track Name: Good Night
Drivin down the street today I could still make out our tags/I thought about the days gone by and couldn't help but shed a tear/It don't seem right, I still pick up the phone and half expect to hear your voice on the other end/If I screamed loud enough, could you hear me where you are?/After all the time we cheated death I never thought she'd catch up to us/But now the chips are down, the dice are out, nothin left for me to do but sit back and watch them fall/Good night, Lights out, these are the days that I wanna remember/It's been real, it's been fun, you might be gone but I'll always remember
Track Name: Ca$ino Queen
East side lights are callin me, I hear the siren's song/It tells of fortune, drink, and vice, and she says it's been to long/Since last I graced her blessed decks and made my presence known/So cross the Eads Bridge do we go, and to the 3rd deck do we rise where we'll drink till there's blood in our eyes/All the hard ways, bet 'em up, and let 'em fuckin work/Shake 'em twice, against the wall, the shooter's comin out, and. . . THIS MUST BE IT/this has to be my day/THIS MUST BE IT/my number's comin up/THIS MUST BE IT/this has to be my day/THIS MUST BE IT/the bills are due, and so's my rent
Track Name: All I Need
I been too long at the grind to come away with a smile/All this work and still nothin's mine/I've got to get mine, gotta get mine in, take the world back only way that I can/Call up the crew and get our supplies/Roll to the spot and take it out on the line/We've got to get ours, gotta get ours in, take the world back only way that we can/This road that we chose, it don't lead nowhere/But at the end of the day I fell alive and that's all I need/Lookin back through all the years, we've got nothing to show/But friends by my side and memories of life, and that's all I need
Track Name: In Our Blood
We came to this as angry youth with nothin to believe and nowhere to go/Found a place to be ourselves, It made our eyes so wide we could see nothin else/And when I look back now I see the turns I missed/Some might say this life has held me down, but when I look around and see the friends I've made I know I wouldn't change a thing/So now I'm growin up and tryin to build a life/Got somethin to lose, and I'm tryin to do things right/I'm not sure how it works in the end, but this is in my blood and that'll never change, so WE WON'T EVER LEAVE/built this up and now it's ours/WE WON'T EVER LEAVE/this is in our blood, this is who we are
Track Name: Through It All
Met a man in his 33rd year, said he never had a friend before and he had some wisdom to impart to me/Only look out for yourself, cuz you can't trust anyone else/That was some advice I can't take/Without my family, I don't know where I'd be/Got friends right by my side and I count my blessings everyday/Without my family, I don't know where I'd be/Got friends right by my side and I've got mine/My lot might not've been the best/Hard times come,but they always go/And through it all I know I'm not alone/I've got your back, and you've got mine/Cause we've stood the test of time/Down for my friends and that's where it ends