Bourbon Discipline

by A Death And A Promise

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released August 4, 2011



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A Death And A Promise St Louis, Missouri

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Track Name: River Rats
Back in the day we were lost and lonely kids/Life crept up so we had to grow up quick/And now step back take a look around/Ask your how did i get so far down in the gutter?/And can i discover a way to get back up and take another stab at it?/Down and out's the way it looks to you
But comin' back's what we were born to do/True to this game and the brothers that we've found/We're more than blood 'til we're six feet in the ground/From my front porch to the steps of the Arch/I lay claim to everything I see/From East Alton to the streets of G.C., the eastside belongs to me/East side, west side, north side, south side/We don't give a fuck/Down & dirty till the day that we die/These river rats are gonna run amok
Track Name: Bourbon Discipline
Hard times come and hard times go/You know we've seen our share/With good friends whiskey and cold Busch beer/There's nothing that we can't repair/Uncap the bottle, pass it around/Drink the bourbon and chase it down/Before you know it we'll be in the clear/'Cuz we practice the bourbon discipline/Give us a round/A there's sorrows to drown/And we're praticin' the bourbon discipline
Track Name: 6 AM
6AM!!!/Should be asleep/Rolled out of bed and threw the shoes on my feet/GODDAMN!!!/Bus late again so I wait in the snow with 14 miles to go/HALF HOUR LATER!!!/Step aboard, pay the fare, make my way to seat... How long 'til we get there?/TOO LONG!!!/Walls closin' in my temperatures risin' and my day just began/Babies cryin', scam artists lyin'/Deadbeats and jerks tryin' to make it to work/Can't help but think how much calmer I'd be/With their blood on my hands and my ears full of screams/Take a breath and swallow my rage/Gotta make it to work 'cuz I gotta get paid/Man I can't wait 'til my pockets are right/Gotta make an escape before I end someone's life/I'm stuck in the scum life/Gotta escape or I'll end someone's life/I'm stuck in the scum life/I can't wait 'til my pockets are right
Track Name: ADAAP Anthem
Knife in my pocket, Colt 45 in my hand/Turn it to the sky and empty the can/A-D-A-A-P... WE'RE DRUNK!!!
Track Name: Silence Is Golden
Oven fresh biscuits bakin' in the kitchen/Flip on the television, I can't believe my eyes/2 apprehended, 1 on the run/My crew's on the news somethin' must've went wrong/Fight the urge to pick up the phone and get the whole story/I don't wanna implicate myself/I'm cleanin' out the house in case of a raid/The chances are slim but I'm playin' it safe anyway (Whoa!)/The bond was heavy but i knew that my man Wouldn't flip (Whoa!)/They beat his ass and he wouldn't confess to shit (Whoa!)/He knew what I'm about to tell you now (Whoa!)/If you wanna walk keep your mouth shut/This goes out to everybody/I don't care if you're gettin over or just tryin' to get by/When the shit hits the fan you better clam up